Vue extérieure du bâtiment Plast Moulding entreprise spécialisée dans l’injection plastique mono et bi-matière

For more than 15 years, Plast Moulding has specialised in the design, industrialisation and manufacture of trim and technical parts using plastic injection and bi-injection processes.
Located in Besançon, the capital of Franche-Comté recognised throughout Europe for its specialisation in micro techniques, Plast Moulding has forged partnerships with companies like Peugeot, Renault, Henkel, Fiat, Iveco and Ford for a turnover of 10 million Euros.

The industrial facility, supplied by a latest generation material storage and processing platform, equipped with 4 desiccators, includes:

  • 20 bi-material moulds of 140 to 550 tonnes
  • 8 single-material moulds of 80 to 430 tonnes
  • 5 vertical cast moulding presses with rotary discs
  • 1 bi-vis.

Plast Moulding also handles manual assembly operations or assembly using special machines developed by our Design & Development department.

Our total package is based on a strategy of innovation and proximity as well as on product specialisation that enhances adaptation to the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our strategy is to work hand in hand with our clients in their development of parts and sub-units in France and overseas. Our development and industrialisation teams offer you their expertise for your projects as a technical consultant.

Vue panoramique du parc machines de la société Plast Moulding usine d'injection plastique