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Challenges for Excellence

With an equipment of 4 vertical injection moulding machines whom 3 have rotary platens, with a power capacity from 75 to 200 metric tons, we carry out all types of overmoulding on all types of materials and inserts forms (metallic, plastic, wire, line, strap, etc). We ensure perfect stability and quality of parts that are entrusted to us. To bring the best solution to our project, not only we carry out all the necessary studies while we implement the most high-performance processes, but we are also able to offer innovative materials which are resistant, economical, aesthetic, environmentally friendly, for example. We maintain a constant technological updating beside our suppliers.

Creation of an
Overmoulded Product

Feasibility Study and
Process Development

Mould Design
and Manufacturing

Part Manufacturing
by Injection Moulding Process

Finished Part

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